Green House Data Corporate Tenets

Green House Data adopts the following corporate tenets to help guide employees in everyday work with customers, equipment, services, and one another.


Green House Data Built on Service

Built right. Just for you.


Deliver high performance, custom technology infrastructure solutions to our customers from the most environmentally, operationally, and capitally efficient data centers in the country.


To build innovative IT business value for every client, every single day. We are passionate stewards of customer data and systems, balancing high availability with high performance, security, and service. Our support-centric, transparent philosophy means we will always do what is right for the customer.

We lead by example in a historically resource-intensive industry by choosing 100% sustainable power and highly-efficient operational design. This effort provides our customers with options to reduce their own carbon footprint and drives cost savings. We believe the greenest electron is the one that is never used.

Furthermore, we donate 5% of our most important company resources—compute power and employee time—to non-profits, both domestically and internationally.

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