Green Data Center Cost Savings

Now you can affordably manage server and storage capacity, or take advantage of managed hosting and colocation. Get the infrastructure you need—with tons of added value—going beyond mere performance and 100% SLAs with included live customer service, green benefits, and tax incentives.


Energy efficiency and sustainability measures aren't just about marketing—there are real decreases in operating costs. For example, free cooling allows for the use of outside air instead of cranking up energy-hogging CRACs. When paired with energy-efficient designs on the data center floor, your energy use is lowered dramatically. 

Combining low PUEs with the economical cost of energy in our data center locations helps Green House Data reduce your energy costs.

power rate comparison one MW energy cost comparison

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Free Service from expert technicians

You don't have to be a managed service customer to receive included customer service. Every customer gets year-round, 24/7/365 access to certified service technicians. Plus, each colocation contract comes with a standard 4 hours of hands-on service every month. That means installing equipment, checking switches and connections, troubleshooting software, and more. 

Discover the difference of a truly custom infrastructure that's built just for you. Like it says in our Vision Statement, “our support-centric, transparent philosophy means we will always do what is right for the customer.” In this case, that means helping out with support as much as possible, so you can get back to work.


Tax Incentives

Many of our data centers qualify for Data Center Sales Tax Exemptions every year, which cancel the sales tax on data center equipment for organizations that meet the purchasing threshold. When customers buy through Green House Data (for the same or lower cost as buying elsewhere), they can reap the benefits of sales tax exemption without having to qualify for it themselves.

sales tax incentive graph


For example, on a $500,000 equipment investment for colocation, a customer would save $30,000 in sales tax. Those savings could pay for six months to a year of colocation, depending on power density and other factors. For customers who only need a $5,000 investment, the 6% savings still applies, putting $300 back in your pocket.

Learn more about Green House Data and sustainability.

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