2018 Blog Wrap Up: Our Most Popular Posts

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Thursday, December 27th 2018 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Data Center Design, Enterprise Applications, IT Modernization, IT Operations, Security

Another year successful year has gone by on the Green House Data blog. We're thrilled to surpass 150,000 views in 2018! Thanks for reading our humble blog. In case you missed anything, here are the five top posts from 2018, covering VM performance monitoring, GDPR, and a subject no modern blog should be without…millenials.

Don't forget to tune in after the New Years for more great data center, cloud, and managed IT services content!

5) Millennial IT Worker Survey: How Should Managers Approach “Generation Why?”

We put one of our periodic surveys out to our extensive contact list of IT professionals to glean their insights on managing “Generation Why?” AKA millenials. As this generation reaches ages 25 - 35 they are making up the bulk of the workforce and bring with them a certain set of ideals, workplace behaviors, and career goals. They also have some prejudices levied against them. 

Our respondents were:

Dig into the survey results to discover whether millenials are really job hoppers, if they absolutely require a ping pong table or beer fridge, and what type of leadership style they prefer.


4) Weighing VMware vSphere Encryption

Security is always top of mind in the cloud or when virtualizing on-premises infrastructure. VMware has built-in encryption options that can help keep data secure at rest and in transit, but it comes at a performance price and may not work for every VM or application.

Learn the advantages of new policy-based encryption in vSphere and best practices when using it in this blog post.

3) Do You Need to Worry About GDPR Compliance?

GDPR weighed heavy on the minds of IT and security professionals this year and the much-touted privacy law made its official debut in the European Union. Its enforcement applies to any company that actively targets EU residents, however, and it has been copied by similar legislation in California and elsewhere.

This dive into GDPR compliance covers the requirements, changes you might need to make, jurisdictions, data covered under GDPR, and steps you should take today in order to prepare for compliance.

2) Are Enterprises Shifting Back to On-Premises Hardware?

Most of the chatter these days is all about cloud-first IT initiatives or how to refactor or migrate production applications for the cloud. But some high profile examples like Dropbox have shown that for some large scale enterprises, the control afforded by on-premises data centers outweighs any cloud advantages.

Explore the latest trends of cloud vs. your own data center and decide for yourself which might be right for you.

1) Virtualization Performance Monitoring: vCPU Demand, Usage, and Contention

Finally, our most popular blog was also one of the most practical, breaking down the differences between three primary CPU metrics used for performance monitoring in a virtual environment. vCPU demand, usage, and contention are all interrelated but separate measurements that are vital to keep an eye on in order to maximize performance. 

Learn how to reduce contention problems by managing usage vs. demand.

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