Disaster Recovery: When the Cloud Beats Physical Backups

Written by Alexa Medhus on Wednesday, June 10th 2015 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Storage, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Storage, Disaster Recovery

Much has been written about how to plan for disaster recovery, but why do you need to consider disaster recovery at all? What is so important about it to a business? Why can’t you just copy everything to a secondary device and stop worrying? IT departments often get caught in the trap of relying on physical backups, thinking, “I back up everything on external storage and our systems are in a safe area. What more do I need?”

When it comes to disaster recovery, you can never be too prepared. I worked for one company—we’ll call them Company A—who thought that they were ready for the worst. But even the best laid back up plans can go wrong when you rely only on physical media.

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