Blog Roundup: Top Data Center Stories from June 2015

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, July 8th 2015 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Colocation, Data Center Design, Green Data Center, Security, Virtual Desktop

Data center news roundup for June 2015It's been nearly a year since we've done a blog roundup, but if you follow Green House Data on Twitter or LinkedIn, you know we stay tuned to the latest data center, networking, and green energy news. In case you missed it, last month brought out headlines on inefficient in-house enterprise data centers, security and shadow app use, tips for vSphere data center design, and a debate over Greenpeace's report on green data centers. According to our Twitter stats, readers found the following articles the most interesting last month:

Enterprise data centers are devouring power

Datacenter Dynamics reports on a recent IDC survey of 404 data center managers in the United States which discovered 2/3 of enterprise data centers have a PUE of 2.0 or higher. 10% of respondents said their PUE was over 3.0 or didn't know their PUE. The survey excluded service providers, so it is further evidence that  in-house enterprise data centers are highly inefficient.

Shadow data report underscores the need for strong cloud app security

TechRepublic covers a survey from Elastica that found a dramatic increase in shadow IT, especially file sharing. 12.5% of shared files contained compliance-related or sensitive information. The number of cloud apps in an average organization was an astounding 774, most of which are likely outside of IT control or insight, making security and shadow IT management a priority.

Tips for vSphere Datacenter Design

Readers were eager to see VMware's tips for vSphere data center design, including VDI load testing, how to expand a virtual desktop environment, app volume storage migration, vRealize Orchestrator workflows, and more. See the full list for the latest tips on VMware vSphere and View virtual desktop.

Is your cloud green enough? That's the wrong question

David Linthicum writes on Infoworld about Greenpeace's latest data center report card, which looks at major providers and operators like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, and scores them on their energy efficiency and commitment to renewables. However, Linthicum takes a different spin, suggesting that rather than point attention towards these major players who are already invested in efficient data centers, Greenpeace should instead be looking at the enterprise data centers and smaller facilities that are highly inefficient. The IDC survey covered above would seem to support his argument.

From green house data

Two of the most-clicked articles from last month came from Green House Data. The first covers VMware vCloud vs. the CloudStack open source cloud platform, describing the key differences so your company can pick the right virtualization platform for your infrastructure. The second is an interview with CTO Cortney Thompson over at the InfoSec Institute. Cortney talks shop about the company, his role, and how to to succeed in a data center job.

Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to check back for the latest data center news, tips, and more each week.

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