Five Reasons to Switch to Cloud-Based Software Development and Testing

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Tuesday, February 26th 2013 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Software Development, VMware

More and more companies are taking advantage of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions for their software development and testing. If you’re thinking about making the switch, here’s five great reasons to consider the gBlock Cloud® powered by vCloud™ for your next development project:

1) Forget about purchasing, setting up and troubleshooting your own hardware.
This is perhaps the most obvious reason to go for cloud development. You can save an enormous amount of resources—both time and money—by letting your data center handle the sometimes-messy business of server setup. Deploy cloud services with your pre-built specifications and get the tools you need almost immediately.

2) Scale resources on demand, paying for only what you use.
When you’re developing a new app, you frequently stumble upon issues you didn’t anticipate. Working in the cloud allows you to easily spin up new servers on demand. Building on the VMware platform delivers a production-ready environment with impressive flexibility.

3) Pull the plug without cringing.
If an application isn’t working out, just power down the server, simple as that. With the low overhead associated with cloud-based development, you won’t be cursing yourself afterwards. Let the cloud give you the freedom to experiment.

Cloud Based Test and Develoment server metrics
Quickly and easily add or remove servers as needed.
Track metrics for efficient software testing.

4) Public, private or hybrid—go ahead and tinker.
With the vCloud API and our user control and monitoring tools, you can set up the ideal server, whether you’re going public, private or hybrid. The vCloud Connector allows you to liaison between public and private clouds, and the API lets your applications interface with our cloud infrastructure.


5) Soothe your testing and deployment headaches.
Create test-specific environments on their own virtual servers. Set up multiple recovery points throughout the development cycle to easily test the various iterations of your new app. Cloud development makes software testing a breeze. Ready to deploy? Working on multiple versions? With cloud development, it's easy—deploy version 1.1, copy it to a new server, and start on 1.2.

Green House Data delivers far more flexibility and benefits than the giants of cloud hosting. Compared to the major industry players, we’re greener, leaner and more personal. Maintain control of your data, take advantage of direct customer service and enjoy savings from infrastructure designed for efficiency when you choose Green House for your cloud testing and development.

Posted By: Joe Kozlowicz

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