Case Study:

Dynafios adds a virtual Fortune-500-level IT department offering superior support by using Green House Data managed services, enabling improved service delivery of their healthcare analytics, compliance, and consulting services. 

“As the assistant to the CEO and wearing countless other hats, the ability of Green House Data to virtually manage our IT, while looking out for our future, is priceless.”


Dynafios is a leading analytics and healthcare consulting company helping both hospitals and health systems become more successful in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Dynafios software products include 4CAST Analytics Platform and TRACE, a mobile physician app and compliance tool.

Health systems and leadership utilize the Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform and the TRACE app to work closely with healthcare providers in reducing variation, driving performance and elevating compliance.  The last thing Dynafios needs is a failed backup solution or a Windows Operating System (OS)  issue causing an IT slowdown.

dynafios healthcare analytics platform

“We went to our previous local IT vendor numerous times for a backup solution and just didn't get the support we needed. Plus, they failed to have the vision to tell us what we needed to be future-proof,” said Pam Lodwick, assistant to the CEO and project manager at Dynafios LLC.

“It’s very difficult when you look to an expert for options and you’re left not knowing if you are ready for tomorrow. We needed a true partner. Ever since Green House Data came on board, our IT has been issue-free. We are confident that they are actively looking out for our future needs and can keep pace with our growth.”



When Dynafios partners with a healthcare provider, their consulting advice and expertise directly affects the choices and policies that are made by physicians and staff.  These critical choices can have serious consequences.

Dynafios analytics is a custom fit solution supporting the consulting services depending upon the needs of the healthcare organization. From general medicine to cardiovascular or orthopedics, every client is unique from the specialty to the number of beds at the hospital. These differences in each client demand flexibility of expertise and scalable IT capabilities to fully support the client’s needs.

“It’s that same flexibility we appreciate from the Green House Data team. We needed outsourced IT that was robust enough to handle our current needs and scalable for the future. Plus we wanted superior communication and support,” says Lodwick. “Now we have it all—our current and future needs are met and we enjoy excellent support. We know exactly what's going on in our IT world from Green House Data.“



Dynafios did not look to the biggest companies as an MSP IT option; rather, they knew exactly what they wanted and would not settle for less.

Dynafios competes and wins business over many household industry names like McKesson, ECG Management and  PriceCooperWaterhouse. They understood that size did not matter, but the level of service and customization did.

“We didn't want to just be a number with companies like Microsoft or Amazon. We wanted the ability to customize our solution and work with a reputable local company. Green House Data fit the bill and the level of communication was excellent from the start,” continues Lodwick.  

“Green House Data made sure our Windows machines were on the latest software—something our previous vendor had not done. In fact, we didn't have any Windows updates for about two years resulting in very poor performance on our servers. With Green House Data, we're on a maintenance schedule and there's been absolutely no issues at all. I would highly recommend Green House Data.”

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