Case Study:
National CineMedia

National CineMedia colocates with Green House Data for increased uptime, improved technical resources, and green energy savings. 

With over 19,000 screens across 48 states, National CineMedia (NCM) helps brands reach audiences through the largest digital theater network in the United States. Founded in 2002, the company has grown to reach more than 700,000,000 moviegoers annually through pre-show entertainment and advertising, working with organizations from local to global.

The Search for A High-Availability Data Center

With cinema, online, and mobile advertising channels, National CineMedia has sophisticated data needs and a large IT infrastructure to maintain and manage. For example, programming like NCM’s First Look - a 20 minute pre-show before a feature film - is delivered daily, via satellite, to thousands of theaters across the country, and each pre-show is tailored to be appropriate for a given film’s MPAA rating.

“When we’ve created a new show that will be playing in front of a blockbuster movie, we need all of our sales and content management systems running in tandem, and it can be very technically demanding,” said Al Rosabal, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NCM. “Having a reliable hot site for disaster recovery and business continuity is crucial for all of our platforms.”

Yet, NCM’s data center costs were high because equipment had to be shipped out of state and team members had to travel to the site. Setting up disaster recovery equipment or performing regular maintenance tasks also became difficult and time consuming. When National CineMedia looked to change their colocation provider, they choose Green House Data for the increased service level, high-availability environment, and practical driving distance from the company’s Denver, Colorado headquarters.

Hot Site Up and Running Quickly

Green House Data was able to quickly create a hot site for replication of data from NCM’s local infrastructure that was both tailored to NCM’s requirements and included services to help keep the high-availability environment running smoothly so it could be brought online as fast as possible. Green House Data’s 100% uptime SLA and ability to “burst” by instantly accommodating upticks in bandwidth usage helped NCM ensure their content would always be accessible - key to keeping their customers happy.

Every Green House Data colocation contract includes hours for hands-on support, network monitoring and notifications, fully managed reverse DNS, and a portal that customers can use to remotely perform common tasks like powering systems on and off.

“Green House Data’s model and business approach is to treat every customer as if that customer is the most important one. Throughout the installation process that’s what it really felt like,” said Rosabal.

In addition, Green House Data’s Cheyenne, Wyoming location—about 90 minutes from Denver—is close enough that Rosabal's team is able to easily travel to the data center, and geographically far enough away to satisfy NCM's auditors.

Green Energy Savings Passed Along to Customers

“Sometimes, 'green' implies a sacrifice for price, efficiency, or capability. My leading requirements in a data center were reliability and the services we were going to get,” said Rosabal.

Green House Data’s commitment to sustainability means using naturally cool outside air throughout most of the year instead of conventional air conditioners, and Green House Data’s facilities incorporate a design structure that allows operations to be approximately 40% more efficient than the average data center. These elements reduce overall consumption, with wind power rounding out the renewable energy strategy.

“The green aspect of working with Green House Data is an added value—their energy cost savings are passed on, so we are getting the greener footprint, but ultimately the overall cost-benefit analysis of reliability, service, location and price made a lot of sense for us, and would make sense for peer companies in the mid-market and beyond,” said Rosabal

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