Case Study:

Systemation, a Denver-based training corporation that provides project management instruction to Fortune 1000 companies, needed infrastructure to support nationwide access to training materials, web hosting, databases, and a proprietary CRM. By taking advantage of the highly available gBlock® Cloud, Systemation delivered asynchronous training programs to enterprise teams across the country, without having to maintain their own hardware and systems.

“We were looking for a solution that would be able to support our system but also something we didn’t have to worry about maintaining.”

Teaching IT Teams Efficient Workflow

Systemation teaches individuals and groups how to successfully plan, organize, and complete business projects, with support staff, sales employees, and instructors throughout the United States. The firm got its start training IT departments in strictly regulated industries like banking, healthcare, and insurance, guiding teams through interpersonal communication, timelines, and administration.

“A lot of our training is done virtually and asynchronously, so 24/7 access is a big deal for a lot of our clients and customers,” said Jason Pettis, IT Director at Systemation. “We’re moving more and more to virtual training: voice over IP, video conferencing, downloadable resources, and workshops.”

As they grew, Systemation needed to create internal tools to organize projects around the country. They soon discovered demand for this proprietary online portal because of its industry-tailored features.

“We developed the system around our delivery, but we found a lot of other training companies need something similar,” Pettis said. “People use it for various things. Some for sales, some for scheduling, delivery, invoicing.”

Virtual Systems Create a 50-50 Software & Training Company

Systemation now sees their future as split 50-50 between training and software, as the CRM and other online training resources have taken off. By supporting their own company as well as their end users, they are able to perform post-workshop follow up, online assessments, and track training. But the focus on developing new tools, combined with aging hardware and limited staff, meant hardware and system maintenance was put on the back burner.

“For a long time at Systemation we housed our servers and infrastructure internally and we took care of it all ourselves, but we found that was too much to manage,” said Pettis. “We were looking for a solution that would be able to support our system but also something we didn’t have to worry about maintaining.”

To focus more on delivering quality training, the company began looking for a service provider to replace their in-house servers. The cloud appeared to be a good fit for their web presence, databases, and online portals.

Finding the Right Provider

Systemation needed a managed cloud service provider in the Rocky Mountain region, hoping the IT team would be able to stop fighting with maintenance and update procedures and instead work on the customer experience. Green House Data met the system requirements and impressed with a hands-on approach that gelled with the team at Systemation.

“One of Systemation’s hallmarks is personalization and customer service. We’re focused on dealing with individuals and organizations on a one-to-one personal basis,” said Pettis. “That’s really important for our vendors as well, so having a single point of contact at Green House Data, knowing that someone is going to be there answering the phone or e-mail, was really important.”

The company’s current environment includes web and database systems powered by VMware virtualization, with managed services from Green House Data including system monitoring, backup as a service, and emergency response. Systemation also consults with Green House Data on updates and system design.

Moving forward, Pettis says his company will expand their online, cloud-based operations.

“Systemation’s future involves moving further into the virtual space, developing and building out our software to support delivery. Many companies are still on post-it notes, and being able to give them an online solution really moves them forward.”

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