Cloud Assessment Services

Included with all Green House Data cloud products, a cloud capacity assessment analyzes your IT environment to prepare your cloud for maximum performance.

Are You Cloud-Ready?

The cloud capacity assessment is a value-added service complimentary with all cloud deployments. The report collects infrastructure metrics and provides recommended capacity requirements for migrating your workload to the cloud, including detailing the current state of your infrastructure, the future plan for consolidation, cloud server recommendations, and an implementation roadmap.

Don't go in blind. Request a cloud assessment from Green House Data today to launch your high-performance cloud.

Cloud Planning Services

  • Complimentary for Cloud Customers

    Don't spend thousands on cloud assessment or migration plans — get them from your service provider as an added value

  • A Path to Virtualization

    Learn what applications are a good fit for the cloud and how your IT infrastructure might need to change for VMware virtualization

  • Benchmark References

    Guide decisions around capacity optimization and server consolidation

  • Guaranteed Performance

    Forecast your future cloud environment to be sure it meets your business needs for years to come

  • Platform Agnostic

    Works with all software and hardware across your entire stack

IT Infrastructure Insights

Cloud assessment costs can run into hundreds or thousands of dollars for large-scale environments, but Green House Data provides them as a complimentary service for every customer.

A combination of tools from different vendors run in both agent and agentless form to collect data on your current IT environment. Once gathered, Green House Data Solutions Architects and Engineers generate a report that recommends the ideal cloud environment for migration and future-proof functionality.

The cloud assessment helps your IT team:


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