Azure Training

Graduate to better Azure understanding and more profitable outcomes with Green House Data subject matter experts and unique training tools.

Azure Demo and Lab Training

Ready to learn more about the cloud? If a knowledge gap is keeping your IT staff from mastering Azure tools and resources, leveraging the expert staff and proven instructional models provided by Green House Data can help you achieve success in the cloud.

With a combination of demonstration and hands-on learning, we focus on the business drivers of cloud infrastructure and how to reach them. Master the latest Azure technology and learn to set up, configure, and manage your virtual data center.

Azure Training Highlights

Every day involves a balanced approach, wherein half focuses on the theoretical concepts with demo-driven learning and the other half includes hands-on labs where participants will gain experience to strengthen the concepts learned.

Training focuses on:

Training subject matter and topics are flexible. We focus on specifics related to your business and desired outcomes and challenges that need to be addressed and understood.

An Azure subscription and appropriate access will be required for each participant to perform all the labs.

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