Cloud Migration

Let experienced cloud engineers and cloud managed services experts help you create transition frameworks, establish migration scopes, and validate infrastructure for your applications and data, all with zero downtime.

Cloud Migrations & Cloud Consulting

From pre-planning to post-deployment, you should be confident that your cloud migration strategy covers all the bases. From the discovery of assets and usage to assurance for SLAs and compliance, don't go at it alone and risk downtime or data loss. Your team will have access to cloud engineers who have been through it before.

Cloud Migration Steps

  1. Prepare all of the data on the new server environment before data is cutover.
  2. Ensure all formats can be upgraded during migration process without impacting users.
  3. Eliminate exposure and risk with built-in backup. We don’t take the old system out of play until we are sure your system is cutover. Everything is tested ahead of time.
  4. Verify post-migration—we run systems in parallel for some period to ensure everything is running smoothly. If we get unfavorable results, we revert to a failback.

We also offer additional customized services when needed. 

Cloud Migration Features

  • Minimal Downtime

    In most cases, the transition can be performed in minutes.

  • Clean Deployment

    Controls eliminate or greatly minimize any unforeseen issues during cutover.

  • Cost Savings

    No penalties for missed migrations, such as missing hardware return deadlines.

  • Speedy Migration

    Significant improvement over tape restores, with transfer up to 100 Gbps.

  • Wide Compatibility

    Move from almost any OS, hypervisor, or cloud platform.

We chose Green House Data because of their responsiveness. They took the time to understand our model and our business and got us up and running quickly–as we migrated off our past provider, we didn't miss a beat.


Migration Scenarios

This can be used in multiple operating system environments, including Windows, Linux, and IBM Power Systems, as well as migrations from different cloud computing platforms.

What Should Companies Know Before Migrating to the Cloud?

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