Private Cloud Hosting

Single-tenant VMware cloud services give you security and provide infrastructure for high performance applications. 

Private Cloud Hosting for Security and Agility

Single-tenant VMware cloud services, or hosted private clouds, offer you the scalability of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with an added layer of security. Your data, applications, and systems are physically separated from other customers, and you can deploy, provision, and manage your vSphere environment yourself or leave the heavy lifting to experienced cloud engineers.

gBLOCK Hosted Private Cloud Features

The gBlock private cloud includes all of the features, software, and support of our public cloud, but runs on distinct hardware. See the full list of gBlock cloud features.

  • All cloud deployments come with included services and monitoring tools
  • Virtualized infrastructure served from software-defined data centers
  • Dedicated compute, memory, and storage to avoid “noisy neighbors”
  • Nationwide-cloud network for location-sensitive workloads and backup or disaster recovery
  • Connect to public, hybrid, other private clouds, or your on-premise resources

We did consider Amazon and Azure, but it was the personal touch in working with Green House Data that was the biggest driver.


When Should You Choose a Hosted Private Cloud?

A VMware private cloud is a better option than public IaaS for organizations with strict security, performance, and control requirements. Gain many of the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining a distinct IT environment with exclusive hardware.

FOR Critical applications and Service Level Agreements

While many applications require some tuning to get the desired performance, those applications and processes that are critical to revenue or business performance often need extra configuration and carry aggressive SLAs. A hosted private cloud runs on dedicated resources for production and more control over both configurability and geographic location.A hosted Private Cloud from Green House Data

for technology-focused businesses

If your organization depends on information technology for product delivery or if engineering is key to your line of business, consider a hosted private cloud to extend your on-premise resources while protecting intellectual property. Hosted private cloud allows for innovation while mitigating risk.


If data sovereignty is a concern but you have cloud initiatives, a hosted private cloud offers a higher degree of transparency than public cloud services. A hosted private cloud is also friendlier to specific audit requirements or documentation of data movement on physical infrastructure. Learn more about the compliance standards of the gBlock cloud.


Organizations who have historically been conservative about off-premise resources, as well as those who are transitioning legacy applications, may find that hosted public clouds are an ideal stepping stone from a traditional data center to more elastic IaaS.


Get the technical details for GREEN HOUSE DATA'S PRIVATE CLOUD

Benefits of the gBlock Private Cloud

  • Secure & Compliant

    SOC 1 and 2 and HIPAA compliant audited data centers backed by top-tier cloud security

  • Custom Deployment

    Get the infrastructure and applications you need on dedicated servers

  • VMware Powered

    Private clouds running on the strongest enterprise cloud platform

  • Complimentary Support

    Get 24/7/365 access to VMware experts, included in every cloud contract

  • Managed Services

    Focus on your business by adding services like setup, security, and monitoring

Complimentary White Paper

When to Avoid AWS & Commodity Cloud

Costs can pile up if you aren't using AWS for the right scenarios. Download this white paper to learn more.


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