Carrier Hotels Provide Fast Fiber Access 

Carrier hotels are physical interconnection sites where many internet and fiber providers converge. Clients have the option of colocating servers, choosing a cloud that is directly in a carrier hotel, like The Westin Building Exchange, or choosing a data center that connects to a carrier hotel.

West Coast Carrier Hotel

Carrier Hotel: Westin Building Exchange, Seattle, WAOur Seattle data center is located within the Westin Building Exchange, the third largest carrier hotel in North America. 

In the heart of downtown Seattle, Green House Data's colocation space and VMware cloud deployments in the Westin Building Exchange offer excellent access to west coast markets and a jumping off point to Asia. With more than 100 internet providers, clients are only a cross-connect away from virtually any carrier.

Find out more about the WBX, and get the facility details here

Atlanta Carrier Hotel

Located at 180 Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta, the Atlanta carrier hotel provides connection to the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ and direct interconnection to Marietta IBX Campus.

Dallas Carrier Hotel

Located within Infomart's Dallas facility, the Dallas telco hotel facilitates access to more than 125 carriers and content providers.

East Coast Carrier Hotels

The 1 Ramland facility in Orangeburg, NY has fiber connections to multiple carrier hotels within the tri-state region. This allows for quick and easy access to the variety of carriers, services, and connections present in those data centers without the cost of colocating in them.

Carrier Hotel: 60 Hudson Street



Carrier Hotel: 111 Eighth Avenue111 Eighth avenue, NYC

Carrier Hotel: 165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ165 Halsey street, Newark


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