Why Choose an Edge Data Center?

Edge Data CenterUsers expect constant access to data and applications, which means you need to keep proximity in mind in order to guarantee performance.

While your primary infrastructure may still reside near a major market, placing cloud or colocated environments in an edge location can help lower latency, balance loads across the country, and expand the reach of your services without building a new facility.

An “edge market” is one outside of the largest cities—places like Denver, Cincinnati, or Minneapolis. These locations have started to attract IT service because often they have lower energy costs, offer tax incentives, have proximity to broadband, and are near growing populations.

Advantages of Green House Data Edge Facilities

  • Single-hop to 60+ carrier networks
    Distributed access allows you to deliver services faster with less latency, reaching anywhere in the country in as little as one hop.
  • Increased resilience
    Whether you use an edge location for backup or primary site, load balancing across geographic regions means your infrastructure stays online even under heavy traffic.
  • Carrier neutrality
    A premium blend of network providers allows you to pick and choose—or allows us to funnel your traffic down the path of least resistance for maximum performance.
  • Reach new users
    Edge markets are growing fast. Your company might be expanding into a new region, or you just might have unexpected users around the country. Either way, you need to offer the same quality of service out on the edge.
  • Be prepared for disaster
    With an edge data center in place, you can be ready to failover at a moment's notice. Read more about our disaster recovery services.

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