DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

Rapid failover of virtual machines keeps your data safe without costing you a fortune. DraaS is ideal for organizations who can't afford downtime in their operations and want assistance with turnkey DR including deployment, management, testing, and failover.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Many hear “disaster recovery” and immediately think natural disasters, but the top causes of downtime are actually operational failures, such as power, network, and IT hardware and software disruption. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows you to replicate critical portions of your IT infrastructure — or even your entire virtualized IT environment — to another location. Multiple replication targets ensure that you have geographic diversity. 

Unlike with Backup as a Service, where file data needs to be restored, DRaaS allows you to spin up your infrastructure in the target location very quickly. 

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DRaaS: Virtualized Disaster Recovery

Green House Data's DRaaS product is a VM-level disaster recovery solution. It integrates with VMware vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V, and it also supports Azure and AWS. 

Entire virtual machines are replicated from the source to the target, with automated orchestration of the failover and reconfiguration. DRaaS can  also can be used cross-hypervisor, so virtual machines can be moved from one vendor to another.

With the primary licensing model is based on metered usage, you only pay for what you use: per gigabyte for storage and per virtual machine. 

You can replicate to any tier of storage, and perform self-service tests as needed. 

In addition, you can replicate from your premise to a Green House Data IaaS environment, or from cloud to cloud.

Green House Data helped us create a custom cloud disaster recovery solution that has greatly reduced costs and eased our concerns of data loss in an emergency. In our tests, they continue to offer a reliably fast time to recovery.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service Features

  • Reduced Costs

    Cost-effective disaster recovery solutions securely replicate your data and establish recovery points.

  • Faster Replication

    Modern DR applications complete replication in minutes vs hours with traditional methods.

  • Improved Recovery Time

    When an outage occurs, simply power up servers populated with your business data and get back to work.

  • Configurable to Your Needs

    Prioritize recovery times by critical need, whether entire systems, databases or even single applications.

  • Supports Multiple Hypervisors

    Replicate virtual environments without worrying about your OS or your hypervisor.

After working for two years with a backup system that needed constant monitoring, switching to Green House Data has taken a significant chunk of time and energy out of my backup and restore routines. We can now focus on so much more. It has been incredible.

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What is Included As a Service?

Managed Disaster Recovery services includes base DR services and features with custom additional engagements suited to each customer environment. 

Disaster Recovery Event 

Green House Data will work with the customer to clearly define and document all disaster recovery trigger events and recovery runbooks.  Disaster Recovery Event process may be automated or require manual approval or interaction.  Disaster Recovery Event tasks and ownership will be clearly assigned to the appropriate resources.

Failback Event 

Green House Data will work with the customer to standardize a formal failback process and associated runbook, including custom Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for each server or application under the DR plan. The System Failback process may be automated or require manual approval or interaction.

Scheduled Recovery Testing 

Each server will have a specific testing process defined and documented within the runbook. Both automated and manual procedures may be included. 

Each server recovery process will be tested at a minimum of twice a year. Green House Data will provide a standard report showing success or failure of test, with all failures resolved by the Green House Data management service team.

Quarterly Service Review 

Green House Data will provide a Quarterly Service Review four times a year. The service review provides detail about the DR infrastructure costs, utilization metrics, and recovery statistics.  Continued service recommendations will provide insight into how disaster recovery process, procedures, and failback procedures can improve. Green House Data will include service details, including number of tickets submitted, resolution times, and completed ticket survey responses.  

Monitoring and Reporting  

All replication system and infrastructure components will be monitored to ensure connectivity and functionality is active.  Any issues with DR functionality will be resolved by the Green House Data managed services team and communicated directly to the customer.

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