Microsoft Enterprise Application Consulting

Manage ever-growing data, meet compliance and security standards, boost productivity and efficiency, troubleshoot problematic production systems, or migrate to new Microsoft applications with enterprise application advisory services from Green House Data.

Microsoft Enterprise Application Guidance & Improvement

Every enterprise has unique challenges and goals. IT infrastructure and applications should support the overall organization every step of the way. You might face stringent security and compliance measures. You may need to upgrade an end-of-life application. You might seek to add efficiencies by bringing app management and update compliance under a single pane of glass.

Green House Data is ready to assist with your Microsoft enterprise applications from licensing to deployment to ongoing management. Let us help you implement secure, resilient, and efficient apps that foster productivity for your entire user base.


You need to keep track of an ever-evolving threat landscape on top of your existing assets. Green House Data can guide you towards cloud technologies and away from threats with integrated security services across our entire product suite and into your existing applications.

Our consultants are ready to demonstrate a wide range of security solutions in virtual and physical environments including industry-leading firewalls, antimalware, and monitoring. We can help you define security policies in the cloud or on-premises, and we can implement software within and alongside Systems Center to help monitor your deployed applications, workstations, and devices.


Compliance standards are complex and changing regularly. Wherever your applications reside, in a private cloud, within Azure, or on premises, we can help you achieve stringent compliance measures like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and more.

Green House Data facilities have passed annual audits for HIPAA and SOC 1 and 2 compliance annually for many years running. We know compliance and security and we can help you identify and remedy any compliance roadblocks, complete your audits, and maintain ongoing compliance through monitoring and security measures.


Data is valuable, but how much data collection is too much? Where should you store it? How should you archive it and when? Let Green House Data experts show you how to set and manage your data parameters and configure your storage and Big Data environments. We can help guide you towards strategic data decision making to curate high-quality data for analytics and mining.

You may need to segment some data with strong security measures. Some data types might be better served from object storage. Some might be better processed within a public cloud as a batch. You can trust Green House Data to maximize your investment in your data so you can put it to work.


Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) can be used for your on-premises systems and within cloud infrastructure to monitor and control via health checks, status checks, performance information, and more. With Microsoft MVPs and OMS experts on staff, Green House Data can help you deploy OMS and manage it, enabling better monitoring, configuration, automation, and provisioning features compared to traditional infrastructure.


Navigating the Microsoft ecosystem can feel like a full time job. We're here to help maximize your SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, and other Microsoft applications, ensuring they remain stable and secure. Your organization relies on Microsoft apps for daily communications, collaboration, and productivity. We can make sure the backend and frontend infrastructure is 100% available and ready to scale alongside your operations.

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