IT Modernization

Enterprise IT continues to evolve rapidly, but IT modernization goes beyond tech specs. Green House Data can help you design a roadmap to modern IT operations that efficiently use Azure or multi-cloud technologies.

Accelerate IT Modernization

IT modernization is often a daunting task. Moving from mainframes to servers was nearly the same kind of jump as we're making today with the advent of cloud technologies. By modernizing your IT infrastructure and IT operations to be more agile and deliver right-sized, reliable technology resources throughout your enterprise, you provide enchanced end user experiences, better security, and simplified administration.

Benefits of IT Modernization

  • Save Expenses

    Lower operational costs with scalable resources, management tools, efficiency gains, and automation

  • Maximize Value

    Get the most out of your technology assets and resources

  • Agility and Scalability

    Future proofed servers and systems that can be tailored to demand

  • Newest Technology

    Stay on top of the newest developments in enterprise IT for increased end-user productivity

  • Hybrid Infrastructure

    Expand your existing platforms, data, and applications to the cloud

Microsoft WINDOWS 10

Still using an older desktop OS on your workstations? Green House Data can help you make a smooth transition to Windows 10, starting with a complete migration strategy on through training for new technologies and features.


Virtual infrastructure can be complex, but we have over a decade of experience delivering enterprise grade virtual servers and desktops. Whether you choose Microsoft RDS, Citrix, or VMware as your platform of choice, we can help design, implement, and even manage your virtual desktop environment.

Learn more about VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services from Green House Data — but we can also help you design and implement other vendors.

Microsoft OFFICE 365

Productivity software is moving to a cloud-based model, and nowhere is a better place to start than with Office 365. Enable greater productivity with on-demand access — anywhere, any time, and from almost any device — to the full suite of Microsoft Office applications, plus SharePoint and OneDrive for additional collaboration.

Green House Data can help you with migration planning, configuration, and ongoing management of your enterprise Office 365 environment. Learn more about O365 services.


The use of cloud computing technologies is a huge step towards IT modernization in and of itself. However, it can often come with the implementation of new applications, licensing, and workflows, as well as rearchitecting of legacy systems.

Green House Data provides complete cloud migration planning and execution, working with you to identify your platform of choice, goals and milestones, and ultimate success criteria. Most any enterprise IT platform and application can be run in the cloud, and if not we can find an equivalent replacement. Let us help you enable the agility and reliability of the cloud. Learn more about cloud migration.


Applications don't keep running smoothly forever. Moving to the latest technology platforms only excacerbates existing problems. Green House Data can help you optimize your apps with modern cloud features and configurations that optimize performance and efficiency.

Microsoft Technology Modernization

Ready to upgrade to the latest versions of Systems Center or OMS, or make the switch to Azure Monitor? We'll get you there without affecting end user productivity or day to day operations.

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