OS & Patch Management

Keeping track of operating system updates and application patches can feel like a full time job in itself. Green House Data can install the latest stable releases across your servers and IT platforms.

Operating System & Patching Services

Patching your operating system and keeping your applications updated can make the difference between suffering a breach from a zero-day vulnerability and maintaining security. Without system updates you might also miss out on useful new features or the latest bug fixes — either of which could make your IT workflow more efficient.

Green House Data has the experienced engineers and administrators to maintain the latest stable versions of your operating system and select applications of your choice, including Windows 10, Windows Server, various flavors of Linux, SQL, Apache, and much more.

Avoid Patching Problems And Reclaim Your Time

Patching is time consuming. It isn't just the system inventory, install, validation, and patch compliance processes, either. The latest patch for your operating system or enterprise application may not work as intended — just look at the rough roll outs for many Windows 10 patches in the past few years.

Green House Data confirms patch stability before rolling out to applicable systems. Any patches that are incorrectly installed or suffer from stability or compatibility issues will be rolled back.

With a combination of custom patching automation software and a strong staff presence, Green House Data can apply patches remotely across your entire IT environment for a wide variety of common enterprise operating systems and applications for servers and workstations.

We can help you avoid the latest zero day vulnerabilities and maintain compliance, complete with thorough patching reports delivered to relevant stakeholders.

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