Process Improvement

Continuous improvement is a major piece of efficient IT practices, whether you practice DevOps or not. Our project management and consulting teams can take you to the next level.

Streamline and Improve IT Systems and Processes

Green House Data practices a continuous improvement loop throughout our operations, from cloud to data center to applications. Key to continuous improvement in IT is process improvement, which focuses on analysis of system configuration and problems that arise to identify areas where efficiency can be improved.

The result of Process Improvement services is greater cost visibility and management and the identification of automation targets, along with suggestions for better system performance and use of staff resources.  

Process Improvement Services Include:

  • System Analysis

  • Issue & Problem Resolution Analysis

  • Cost Management (IaaS and PaaS)

  • DevOps Frameworks (Training and Management)

  • Identification of Automation Targets

Take the Next Step Towards DevOps and Efficient IT Management

Process Improvement from Green House Data can take the form of a single, one-time engagement in which we evaluate your IT processes and systems and provide a report with suggestions, or as part of ongoing managed services in which we continue to assist with identifying problem areas and methods to improve.

After pure IT Operations and before taking the steps to automate and innovate, you first must locate the areas of your IT infrastructure and methods where you can streamline and save expenses, whether those be capital, operational, or staff costs.

We look to our partners to drive innovation and present us with solutions that we are thinking about. Driving cost efficiencies is key for PE owned businesses, and Green House Data brought both innovative and cost saving-solutions to our business. 

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