Data Center Migration and Design Services

Large-scale migration projects take preparation, planning, and time. Whether you are consolidating data centers or moving to colocation, don't go at it alone.

Data Center Architects

Outdated facilities, consolidation mandates, and mergers and acquisitions can all create a need to migrate or decommission data centers. In addition, new business initiatives may strain facilities already at capacity. 

Moving physical hardware and IT workloads requires thoughtful planning and a comprehensive strategy. Secure, custom IT infrastructure will help you go beyond “lift and shift” operations to improve your efficiency, reliability, and application availability.


  • Evaluating existing contracts
  • Timing to avoid seasonal fluctuations in workload
  • Selecting a project team
  • Assessing legacy equipment
  • Pre-move and post-move audits

Data Center Design Includes:

  • OpEx Savings

    Take repeating tasks off your team's plate, and quit tinkering with old hardware

  • CapEx Savings

    Save money on equipment procurement or reduce the amount of servers you need through cloud technology

  • Increased Efficiency

    Squeezing the maximum PUE out of every rack

  • Power, Network, Telecom

    Get efficient, fast designs installed to industry standards

  • No "Lift and Shift"

    Don't just replicate your current environment—improve it wherever possible

When you're moving data centers, you're probably worried about two things: application uptime and cost for comparable infrastructure. With an average 16 years of experience for each of our technicians, you can be confident your new infrastructure will be installed, configured, and tested correctly and thoroughly. 

data center server row

Why consolidate WITH a service provider?

A 10% data center consolidation saved the federal government $1.1 billion in 2014, as reported by Computerworld.

Improve Your IT Operations As You Migrate

While you're at it, request a custom disaster recovery or backup plan, or extend your private cloud to public hosting for bursting or seasonal requirements. Start with a close examination of your current environment, including power use, application sprawl, physical site details, legacy equipment, and software licensing—and finish with a modern environment that better supports your business.

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