Desktop and Device Management

Take administration of mobile devices —such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers — off your plate.

Managing Devices Just Got Easier

Use device management services from Green House Data to improve security, support standardization, and eliminate the headache of keeping track of field equipment.

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It's a no-brainer to recommend Green House Data, especially for a manufacturer. Whether you're skilled in the IT industry or a novice completely, it would be a smooth transition.

HIVIZ Shooting Systems

Desktop Management

Managed Windows and Mac Desktops from Green House Data come with an initial design meeting, OS install and patching, OS configuration and security hardening, ongoing patching and updates, 3rd party software installation, 3rd party software patching and updates, standard server monitoring, regular back-ups, and antivirus / anti-malware services.

Tablet and Handheld Managment

Whether you are replatforming to standardize devices for your field staff or implementing a BYOD policy, let us help you manage your tablets and handhelds.

Device Management

  LAN Switches Routers DSL Devices Wireless Access Points
Design Meeting
Remote Device Installation
Device Configuration
Ongoing Software or Firmware Updates
Hardware Replacement
Device Monitoring
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