Managed Azure Stack

Implement true hybrid cloud with Azure Stack extended from the Microsoft Azure cloud to your premise or Green House Data.

Azure Stack Management

Whether you're running Hyper-V locally or are already set up in Azure Cloud, the Azure Stack is a great method to extend your workloads between on-premise data centers, Green House Data, and public cloud.

Compliance standards, security-sensitive workloads, high performance requirements, and edge deployments are all use cases for configuring Azure Stack outside of public Azure cloud hosting.

Green House Data has the cloud service expertise to architect, deploy, and manage your Azure Stack infrastructure, backed by 24/7/365 support and guaranteed availability.

Design and Deploy Azure Applications from Your Data Center

Missing your favorite Azure features when you virtualize on-premise or colocated infrastructure? Now you can run Azure Stack on your own hardware, bringing complete Platform as a Service options, auto-scaling, distributed microservices, and container management from the Azure Cloud to your local data center.

Green House Data can help you architect and manage this hybrid environment, designing security perimeters for sensitive workloads, bursting to the public cloud when necessary, or designing highly available edge infrastructure.

Why Run Azure Stack?

  • Azure in Your Data Center

    Develop and deploy with Azure-native PaaS, databases, and microservices

  • Compliance & Regulation

    Place sensitive workloads in local data centers to meet security protocol

  • Reach the Edge

    Locate infrastructure in edge facilities to get closer to users and reduce latency

  • DevOps Everywhere

    Maintain DevOps practices regardless of where your team is working

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Azure Stack Use Cases

The public cloud might not make sense for every workload. In addition to architecting hybrid infrastructure across the gBlock Cloud, colocated infrastructure, and managed hyperscale public cloud, Green House Data can help you run Azure Stack for any of the below use cases.

Design and Development

Your DevOps team can use the same tools they're familiar with in Azure while working on-premise. You'll increase productivity as they build, test, and deploy with the same APIs, Jenkins and Visual Studio services, and automation features as they'll use in the public cloud environment.

Edge Data Center and Latency Requirements

Take advantage of Azure availability zones, Green House Data locations, or your own micro data centers to deploy Azure stack closer to your end users, cutting down on latency issues and increasing performance. You can also help save on data storage costs or bandwidth by strategically processing some workloads within your data center and others in the public cloud.

Regulation and Compliance

You may have specific workloads or data that are subject to strict compliance or regulatory requirements. You can place these within your data center or a Green House Data facility with customized standards to meet those requirements. Use the same tools and code you already have while segregating based on security and compliance needs.

Take the DevOps Model On-Premise

Use the cloud application model on-premise as you modernize and scale legacy applications and infrastructure. Microservices, containers, autoscaling technology, and serverless computing all combine to facilitate a hybrid infrastructure that your team can attack with a single operational model, regardless of where the workload resides.

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