Multi-Cloud Management

Complexity, cost, and performance problems can add up quickly as you manage cloud resources and applications hosted across a variety of platforms. Green House Data can help you manage your hybrid multi cloud environment.

Optimal Multi Cloud Delivery Based On Your Needs

Various cloud platforms offer different advantages, and diversifying your cloud portfolio helps avoid downtime from specific components or availability zones. More and more enterprise organizations are taking advantage of a hybrid, multi cloud approach to cloud infrastructure in which infrastructure, solutions, and applications from a mix of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers are all used.

Multi-Cloud Benefits

  • Reliability

    Avoid downtime or data loss from a single provider, whether it is caused by outages, DDoS, or other interruptions.

  • No Vendor Lock In

    Choosing multiple service providers limits rate hikes and dependencies

  • Balance Cost and Performance

    Balance your business and IT goals with the right price for performance and support

  • Data Management

    Host your data where it makes the most sense, taking advantage of archives, object storage, and database tools as needed

  • Flexibility

    Add and remove services as your cloud strategy matures

Avid has a lot of specific requirements around individual apps. Green House Data learned the “snowflakes” that make the business work and delivered the deployment on time and on budget.


Multi-Cloud Challenges and Advantages

Increased complexity translates into myriad user portals to learn, interoperability challenges to overcome, and more sprawl to manage. Costs can quickly rise and overall performance can suffer. When disparate cloud services lack centralized IT oversight, a messy collection of one-off instances can become unwieldy from budget, compliance, and performance standpoints.

Green House Data has the multi-cloud expertise to choose the ideal platforms and services for your entire IT stack while facilitating management with the proper tools.

So Why Choose Multi-Cloud?

While the thought of managing anywhere from a handful to a dozen different cloud services may sound like a headache, it can be extremely beneficial for your enterprise, enabling rapid access to best-of-breed public cloud resources while protecting sensitive data and systems on private or more secure channels. 

Specific tools and platforms may be a better fit for certain enterprise applications than others. In addition, diversifying your cloud portfolio can help critical apps avoid downtime from a specific provider.

There are two ways to approach multi cloud management successfully. One is implementing a multi-cloud management platform with open standards tools that allows self-service management and discovery across a wide variety of cloud APIs and on premises systems.

The other route is choosing a trusted cloud services integrator and service provider who can procure, architect, and manage the correct cloud services on your behalf.

Green House Data’s SpotLITE Discovery Process showed us how we could right-size our data center needs and cut out 30% of the cost by eliminating redundancies. What we thought we needed wasn’t the case and Green House Data gained our trust when they pointed this out instead of turning a blind eye and letting us over build and over spend.

Bosselman Enterprises

Multi-Cloud Services

Multi-cloud management is an IT as a Service product that includes anything from comprehensive cloud lifecycle services (procurement, migration, ongoing administration, systems integration for hybrid deployments, security, load balancing, storage, monitoring, and more) to piecemeal options based on your needs.

Green House Data can help discover, architect, and manage cloud resources across a variety of platforms, with services including:

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