Telecom and Networking Services

Get the network and telecom technology you need from expert engineers.

Stay Connected—Telecom & Network Infrastructure & Design

Green House Data can provide your business with a range of telecom and network services. Our engineers and technicians hold a variety of IT certifications and are ready to assist companies of any size.

Green House Data architects, installs, and maintains carrier-class networks with the same quality as the ones running our data centers. Past solutions have included productivity software, hardware provisioning, installation, monitoring, and on-site support.

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With some providers of IT services it can be a challenge, however the team at Green House Data really does step up and do a great job for us.

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Internet Phone Systems

Time for phone freedom, with more features, less cost, and go-anywhere functionality. Internet and Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems are engineered to pay for themselves over time by eliminating long distance expenses and simplifying service.

It's a no-brainer to recommend Green House Data, especially for a manufacturer. Whether you're skilled in the IT industry or a novice completely, it would be a smooth transition.

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End-to-End Solutions

For companies ready for a complete technology overhaul or lacking in IT staff, Green House Data provides end-to-end solutions from procurement to disposal. Get the right equipment, installed the right way, and backed by 24/7/365 support. End-to-end solutions include:


We hope you’re ready to see some really pretty cabling. Green House Data network engineers love installing tidy, blazing-fast networks. Nothing beats the look on a customer’s face when they realize they can quit fighting with their internet and LAN and get down to serious collaboration, backups, and production. Our engineers are responsible for installing, maintaining, and supporting communication networks within or between offices. Network services include:

A network designed by Green House Data is an affordable, workable data processing system tailored specifically to your business needs. 

Technical expertise, depth of knowledge, and responsiveness–the team completely rebuilt our IT infrastructure from the ground up, and what's more, they did it quicker and for less money than the alternative contractors we considered.

Hirst Applegate, P.C.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Whatever level of IT assistance needed, Green House Data technicians are ready to help monitor networks, install security patches and updates, or set up automation tools complete with reports, alarms, and more. Maintenance and monitoring services include:

Information Management

Information Lifecycle Management, or ILM, deals with all aspects of data from creation to storage to analytics. With the Internet of Things and big data causing waves in the industry, it’s clearer than ever that information is one of the biggest assets a business can have. Green House Data can implement a custom policy-driven information management system tailored to your needs. Solutions include:

Past solutions have ranged from multi-terabyte ISCSCI IP networks to geographically separate petabyte fiber channel networks.

Having you on our team is like wearing a life preserver in the rapids. Thank you for thinking of so many options in such a short time.

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