Proactively monitor your Isilon storage arrays for availability, performance, and configuration changes.

Large enterprises may struggle with the inability to monitor Isilon storage health and determine the root cause of application performance issues. The EMC Isilon storage team is often be engaged despite the actual problem originating at the application, operating system, or authentication level.

This Management Pack (MP) was created to reduce the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) when troubleshooting. The MP aids in locating the site of the issue with a clear view into the health, availability, and performance of your Isilon storage and provides proactive alerts when warning or error conditions arise, enabling proactive responses and minimizing downtime. 

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Before the Isilon MP, we stood around pointing fingers and wondering where to start; now, we see a potential performance challenge before it is critical and address it.

Comprehensive Health Management

Benefits of Isilon Monitoring:

EMC Isilon storage is designed to provide a large-scale network-attached IT infrastructure storage backend for unstructuctured data. As your storage needs grow, performance can suffer and systems can sprawl. Gain more insight into your overall system health with proactive monitoring and visibility from the gWatch EMC Isilon MP, including:


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