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Green House Data can assist your enterprise with the deployment and management of Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager, so you can gain control over software, system, and patch management.

SCCM Consulting, Deployment, and Management Packs

Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is Microsoft software management for large groups of computers. SCCM provides owners with access to a plethora of features, namely software deployment, system deployment, patch management, and remote control. SCCM is versatile and can work with Windows, macOS, Linux, or Unix servers, and even iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices.

Green House Data provides enterprise organizations with SCCM architecture, deployment, and ongoing implementation guidance. Download our SCCM Statement of Work for more information about SCCM services.

SCCM Functionality and Benefits

SCCM allows IT administrators to control or manage system devices regardless of physical location, with Report Generation enabling customized reports ranging from asset inventory to patch status of each device in the entire enterprise. Reports can also be customized to produce reports specific to the needs of the organization.

SCCM is most commonly used for software deployment, installing and updating applications and operating systems across a business enterprise.

In doing so, SCCM helps maintain consistency in system configuration and management. Rather than configuring every workstation from scratch with individual settings, you can use SCCM templates in the build process, saving time and ensuring consistency across all devices.

When it comes to updating systems, many people use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). SCCM does everything WSUS does and more by providing IT admins with a more active patching process.

This process enforces updates, forcing systems to be patched, updated, and rebooted based on policies published by the IT department. However, it cannot validate applications once patched, nor can it control the status of individual nodes, or schedule individual patches. While SCCM alone has its limitations, it can become a completely automated patching tool.

Deployment and Management services for Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager Include:

Download Microsoft SCCM Statement of Work

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