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Green House Data can help your organization deploy, optimize, organize, and manage your Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager deployment.

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Drives start to run out of storage space, databases and directories begin to crash, and servers suddenly start to slow down drastically. These are all issues that can cause an organization to grind to a halt as enterprises depend on IT infrastructure in order to operate.

System Center Operations Manager can reduce these problems through monitoring and management across your environment. SCOM is a software solution for infrastructure and application monitoring, allowing effective management of enterprise IT infrastructure by providing critical information through a single interface.

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What Does Systems Center Operations Manager Do?

By placing agents on servers, SCOM continuously checks the performance of anything you tell it to monitor. Whether it be defined apps, network performance, latency measurements, or storage capacities,  you will receive an alert as soon as SCOM detects that something is off.

Aside from alerts, the SCOM dashboard provides you with insight into system health, potential issues, and anti-virus software status.

SCOM can help eliminate manual monitoring and gain visibility into every resource across your enterprise through a single interface. SCOM provides built-in policies for many Microsoft apps that tell it what errors to prioritize when monitoring, while allowing for the creation and usage of custom Management Packs (MPs) that allow you to use SCOM to monitor any third party elements you may be using.

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The SCOM dashboard can also be customized to ensure that it brings focus to the issues that need your immediate attention. Green House Data can help you customize your dashboard in order to get rid of this alert noise.

SCOM provides a monitoring solution that is flexible and cost-effective, helps ensure stability and efficacy of vital applications, and offers comprehensive monitoring for your servers. You don’t even need to determine which issues take priority, since vendors will define that within their management packs.

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