Windows 10 Desktop Modernization

Avoid upgrade difficulties and downtime with Windows 10 and desktop modernization services from Green House Data.

Microsoft Desktop Modernization

Desktop modernization can improve productivity, increase security, enable self-service, and provide a better user experience across your enterprise. Windows 10 is a key component for user-centric desktop computing and brings many new features. 

There are many reasons to prioritize desktop modernization, but upgrading is often a significant undertaking. From implementation plans to automation tools, Green House Data develops strategies to support your unique business and users throughout a desktop modernization project.

Why Upgrade to Windows 10?

There will be no Windows 11, or 12, or 27. Windows 10 has been presented by Microsoft as the company's final desktop operating system. Going forward, Microsoft will simply deliver major bi-annual updates to implement any OS changes.

If you want to future-proof your infrastructure and ensure that you are able to stay up-to-date, upgrading to Windows 10 is necessary, especially as Windows 7 approaches end of life and end of support.

With ample resources being invested into the development of AI and efficiency, Windows 10 boasts unrivaled reliability and progression rates. The wait-time between consumer-only status to enterprise-ready continues to shorten with each revision.

Green House Data has managed successful 500 to 5,000 seat deployments. We can help your organization navigate the path to the future with Windows 10.


Through automation and centralized management, reduce staff expenses by provisioning new desktops and setting policies and procedures with ease.

IMproved Security

With constant updates and official Microsoft support, Windows 10 offers a safer enterprise desktop computing environment that relying on older versions. Windows 7, for example, will stop receiving security updates in 2020 and has already reached end of life for mainstream support.

Desktop Modernization trigger events

Desktop modernization often stems from a trigger event that leads businesses to upgrade and evaluate a new version or new type of operating system for users. Trigger events that Green House Data has experienced or heard reported by clients include:

Meet business demands  

Is your enterprise vision limited by your platform? Is technology becoming disruptive to your employees? Legacy IT environments often lack modern capabilities that maximize efficiencies, scalability, and reliability.

Whatever your reason to modernize, upgrading your desktop services provides tools and data that enable your employees to collaborate and work from anywhere. Green House Data can help migrate servers, databases, and applications to a modern platform.

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