Green House Data Expands Commitment to WyRECs renewable energy credit program

Cheyenne, Wyo. - March 19, 2018 - Cheyenne-based cloud hosting, colocation, and hybrid IT provider Green House Data and Powder River Energy Corporation (PRECorp) today announced a commitment of 25,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy credits, known as WyRECs, to be used across Green House Data’s nine nationwide data centers. Green House Data has participated in renewable energy credit (REC) programs since the company’s founding in 2007 and has taken advantage of WyRECs since 2014, when this initiative was launched.

Over the course of 2018, Green House Data will use renewable energy credits from the WyRECs program to offset energy consumption across each of its data centers, including at the company’s Cheyenne headquarters. Currently, Green House Data ranks #25 on the EPA’s Top 30 Tech and Telecom Green Power Partnership list.

“Green House Data is a fantastic partner for this program given their commitment to 100 percent sustainable power, their long-term commitment to support and invest in Wyoming and to be a leading green data center provider nationwide,” said Laura Ladd, PRECorp consultant and program designer. “We are thrilled to see this partnership grow so significantly.”

“We are pleased to be able to work with a Wyoming-based partner who offers renewable wind energy credits that are compliant with EPA’s Green Power program, particularly with our data center in Cheyenne,” said Shawn Mills, CEO of Green House Data. “As we continue to add capacity, this relationship will only grow.”

The WyRECs program is an innovative means for Powder River Energy Corporation (PRECorp), an electric cooperative in northeastern Wyoming, to meet its Vision 2030 strategic theme of “Member Engagement and Community Development” by facilitating business creation and development to benefit communities. The program offers renewable energy credits to companies interested in taking leveraging sustainable energy to power their growing or relocating Wyoming operations and reduce their environmental impact.  The program is made possible because of PRECorp’s membership in Basin Electric cooperative, which has significant wind energy projects throughout its service territory.

Proceeds from the WyREC transactions are available to reinvest in economic development projects specifically located in the PRECorp service area and may be leveraged by businesses seeking grant and loan programs from the WBC. 

“The WyRECs are a way to strengthen the renewable energy economy, as more businesses can make the case for contributing in a meaningful way,” said PRECorp CEO Mike Easley. “For example, a business seeking an economic development grant can apply to PRECorp to provide assistance with the required cost-share component of a grant application to the Wyoming Business Council (WBC). Green House Data and PRECorp both are thrilled to reinvest in Wyoming businesses and communities through this innovative program.”

The PRECorp Board has selected the Old Stoney Restoration project to receive the funds from Green House Data’s purchase of WyREC’s. The Old Stoney restoration project is part of a community and economic development project in Sundance, Wyoming, the location of PRECorp’s corporate headquarters.  The Sundance community has been involved in a Mainstreet revitalization project and Old Stoney will be a centerpiece of community space, providing three new storefronts and meeting room space for groups large and small.  The Mainstreet revitalization and Old Stoney projects seek to triple museum and retail tourist and local traffic, further stimulating economic activity in downtown Sundance.  

For more information about the program or how to offset your energy consumption in Wyoming, contact Laura Ladd, WyREC program manager, at (307) 413-3334 or


ABOUT Green House Data and PRECorp

Green House Data is a cloud hosting, colocation, and hybrid IT services provider with highly energy efficient data centers located across the country and supported by a 15 Minute Hear from a HumanSM SLA. The company is a certified VMware provider, SSAE 16 Type II and HIPAA compliant, as well as a B-Corp and EPA Green Power Partner. Visit to learn more.

Powder River Energy Corporation is a member-owned, nonprofit electric cooperative headquartered in Sundance, Wyo., serving approximately ­­­27,000 active electric meters at residences, ranches, coal mines, oil and gas wells, businesses, and industry in the five counties of northeastern Wyoming. For more information go to                  

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