Colony Software License Reporting

Discover software license usage and waste across your entire organization with Colony, which integrates with SCCM to provide a dashboard view and reports on license consumption. 

Microsoft SCCM Software License Capture Tool

Colony software works in concert with your SCCM deployment to discover the servers, workstations, and other devices within SCCM that are using specific software licenses, including SQL, various operating systems, Biztalk, and SharePoint.

Colony helps you discover which devices may be consuming unnecessary licenses as well as which may require updates. With a complete dashboard featuring install counts by version, edition, branch, device, and more, you have better insight into your software expenditures.

Discover Software Licenses Across Your Organization

Many enterprise-scale organizations find it difficult to keep track of licensing across sprawling IT infrastructure. Colony adds an easy to use dashboard and receive reports to capture your software licensing usage throughout your SCCM environment.

Colony can be used for a wide range of enterprise software. If SCCM can detect it, Colony can track it.

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