Hive Azure Self Service Portal

Allow your team to self-provision, request approval, and access Azure virtual machines without sharing official Azure Portal access, decreasing deployment times and reducing human error.

Self-Service Azure Provisioning & Visibility

Give your team more control over the cloud resources they need without handing over the keys to full admin access. Hive Self-Service Azure Portal allows you to configure approval rules to avoid billing overruns or configuration problems. Each time a VM is created you receive a business approval email.

Meanwhile, the user is able to see a full list of Azure machines, stop or start their VMs, request RDP files, and schedule VM start and stop times, all through a simple HTML interface with built-in authentication. 

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Hive Azure Self-Service Features Include

  • Reduce Provisioning Time

  • Control VMs On Demand

  • Maintain Azure Portal Security

  • Empower Azure Users

  • Business Approvals via Email

Simplify Azure Administration with Self-Service

Hive is a web portal that connects to your Azure account and infrastructure, allowing registered users to log in, view virtual machines, start and stop VMs, request a newly provisioned VM, and download RDP files, all without providing full admin access to your Azure Portal.

Hive has removed bottlenecks, eliminated human error, and reduced VM request time for our clients from one week to one hour or less. Capabilities include:

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Azure Portal vs. hive Self Service Portal

Azure Portal Hive Self-Service Portal
Cost overruns Controlled, trackable expenses
Lack of standardization Standardized approval process with automated deployment
Time consuming Fast and simple
Manual and prone to human error Automated and consistent
Complex, many options, and ever-changing new features Easy to parse web portal interface
Lack of VM owners and tagging VM tagging enables logical grouping, chargeback, and monitoring

Hive Self Service Azure Portal Overview

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