Honeypot Azure Chargeback Software

Track and attribute Azure resource expenditures by site, department, or application to gain better control over your cloud spend and sprawl.

Avoid Cloud Waste with Honeypot Azure Chargebacks

Gain better understanding over your Azure expenses with Honeypot chargeback reporting, which enables workload-specific tracking of Azure virtual machine utilization down to individual business units or applications.

Custom reports allow you to see expenses and utilization by various timeframes, tagged VMs, applications, or departments, allowing you to deduce where cloud spend could be reduced or is not in line with business expectations.

Honeypot Azure Chargeback Provides

  • Deeper Insight into Azure Expenses

  • Identification of Cloud Sprawl & Cost Overruns

  • Consumption By Site, Department, App, or Other Dimensions

  • Business Context for Azure Resource Consumption

  • Reports Beyond a Single Month of Utilization

Better Understand Your Azure Expenses

honeypot azure chargeback by application

Honeypot was developed for a software company who migrated and consolidated global data centers within an Azure cloud environment, enabling each business unit within this company to track their Azure IaaS resources — CPU, memory, and storage — and charge back the individual business unit for their portion of the overall monthly Azure invoice.

honeypot azure chargeback by business unit

The standard Azure invoice includes CPU, memory, and storage, but does not take into account any tags you have configured for your environment. It also only displays a single month of usage.

By adding VM tags to your cloud servers according to their application, dev/test/production status, business unit, location, owner, or any other relevant information, you can use Honeypot to provide a chargeback accordingly.

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