Powerful, Cost-Effective Cloud Security

Trend Micro SecurityThe Trend Micro agentless (with optional agent) security solution integrates directly with vCloud Director API, enabling security management across your entire infrastructure from a single location. This platform detects and removes malware from virtual servers in real time, shields known vulnerabilities in apps and the OS, detects and alerts about malicious activity, blocks botnet and Command and Control communications, and tracks website credibility.

Protect all aspects of your cloud or colocation environment: server, application, and data. Extend your security policies across a hybrid or public cloud, connecting your existing infrastructure to public resources without risking your data.

Deep Security 9 keeps your information safe with the following benefits:

You won't need to spend valuable time and effort focusing on the security of your infrastructure with the convenience of Deep Security. This high-performance platform leads to more efficient use of resources, higher VM densities and easier management. Prevent data breaches, maximize cost reduction and maintain compliance.

trend micro deep security overview diagram

Platform Modules

Trend Micro uses the following modules monitor and control access.


Protects virtual machines against viruses, spyware, trojans. Can extend to private servers as well as public cloud servers on a variety of platforms. ESX level caching and deduplication improve performance.

Web Reputation

Checks website credibility with the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, one of the largest directories of web reputation, for added user protection.

Bidirectional Stateful Firewall

Fine grain filters, network design policies, and location awareness help decrease avenues for attackers. Central management of server firewalls including templates. Prevents DDOS.

Integrity Monitoring

Critical operating system and application files are monitored, including directories and registries. Hypervisor integrity is also examined for unauthorized modifications. Tag authorized events for simplified administration.

Intrusion Detection

All network traffic is checked for protocol deviations or policy violations. Virtual patches protect against exploits. Web application vulnerabilities are blocked as well, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting. Covers all major operating systems and 100 database, web, email and FTP server applications.

Log Inspection

Checks system logs for suspicious behavior in the OS or apps.

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