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      Phone:  866.995.3282

      Email:  support@greenhousedata.com

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What Does Hear from a Human Mean?

You can say goodbye to long periods spent waiting for a response to your e-mail or ticket. The Global Service Center will help pinpoint your problems and fix any potential underlying infrastructure issues.

Every customer receives a 15 Minute Response Time SLA, guaranteed and free of charge. Other cloud providers and data centers charge hundreds or thousands per month for a comparable response time.

Complimentary support covers:

• Troubleshooting for virtual data centers, virtual machines, and supported firewalls

• Configuration and setup of virtual data centers

Hear from a Human Support

Additional fees or a Managed Service contract may be required for:

• Problem resolution for virtual machines

• Virtual machine set up and configuration

• Physical server installation, set up, or configuration for hybrid cloud deployments

• Third party firewall or load balancer troubleshooting, configuration, or set up

Green House Data goes above and beyond to provide exceptional and fast customer support. Their dedication to non-profits gives us best-in-class IT service and support without the price tag.

American Solar Energy Society

Standard Services

We are dedicated to uptime and customer service. Every client installation includes a wide range of standard services at no additional cost to help ensure the setup, maintenance, and daily operation of your infrastructure is quick and easy.

Support Comparison

For cloud customers, Green House Data customer service represents significant cost savings.

  Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Green House Data
Support Tiers Basic, Developer, Business, and Enterprise Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier Basic, Development, Production, and Platinum None - all customers receive the same service levels

15 Minute Response Time

Enterprise tier only

Cost: $15,000 or 10% of AWS usage between $10,000 and $15,000

Premier tier only

Cost: custom pricing

Platinum tier only

Cost: custom pricing

Included for all customers
Phone Support

Business or Enterprise tier

Cost: at least $100 per month, or 10% of usage up to $10,000

Standard, Pro Direct, or Premier tier

Cost: at least $300 per month

Production or Platinum tiers

Cost: $350 / user / mo. or 9% of use up to $150k

Included for all customers
24/7 AvailabilityBusiness or Enterprise tierAll tiers except DeveloperProduction (critical issues) or Platinum tiersIncluded for all customers
Account ManagementEnterprise tier onlyProfessional Direct (pooled) Premier (dedicated)Platinum tier onlyIncluded for all customers

A special thanks to @greenhousedata for making the IT portion of our move [to Wyoming] as seamless as possible!

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With the customer portal, you have direct access to a wide range of online tools to keep your systems operating at high performance levels. These tools include real-time systems bandwidth statistics, service ticket management, resource provisioning, and billing management.



Cloud and colocation services include robust, complimentary monitoring systems to keep an eye on servers, applications, network connections, databases, storage, and more. These scalable tools track all compute resources to help you avoid overprovisioning, stretching your budget, and malicious activity.

Large cloud providers charge a premium for cloud monitoring tools and customer service. You will  gain greater insight into your environment and costs with the added advantage of 24/7 live service—included in every contract.

You can monitor performance and availability on their vApp Servers, vCloud Machines, and orgVDC with these measurements:

With customizable dashboards, alerts, and reports, your critical performance statistics are delivered where and when you need them. Track SLA coverage and service level objectives or integrate your existing tools with a powerful API all from one central hub.



Highly qualified technicians are immediately available any time you need assistance. Every account is also managed by a dedicated client services manager, who assists with:

End-to-end DOCUMENTation

Green House Data documents all routine processes for reference, troubleshooting, and support. You will have unique Standard Operating Procedures and routine maintenance needs. If it can be clearly defined and documented, it can be successfully executed. Custom procedures define how and where alerts and other communications are sent.

Some managed routine processes include:

Thanks to our friends @greenhousedata for help upgrading our servers last night. Our apps are running crazy fast today!

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