SpotLITE Discovery Process

Green House Data's unique discovery process adds significant value to every IT infrastructure project with a complete implementation plan, benchmarks, deployment options, and more.

Listen. Implement. Test. Execute.

SpotLITE is more than your typical discovery call. Your IT infrastructure receives an in-depth probe so we can deliver a solution that is Built right. Just for you.

We focus your solution around how well the infrastructure supports business operations, not just technical requirements. You also receive detailed benchmarks of your current environment, anticipated performance for the proposed solution, and a detailed timeline for deployment.

What is SpotLITE?

SpotLITE is a pre-sales process where you'll get infrastructure design recommendations and a detailed evaluation. Solutions and architecture teams evaluate your current environment and design a compute, network, storage, and software combination that best aligns to your business goals to your IT infrastructure.

Rather than merely offering a quote for your requested service, we take an in-depth look at what is currently working, how well it functions for your users and applications, and how well it can integrate with cloud or colocated solutions.

You get a right-sized infrastructure design, rather than being over or under provisioned. 

SpotLITE guarantees your IT infrastructure will work as designed while meeting your goals for functionality and ease of use.

SpotLITE Tiers


SpotLITE I is intended to be a basic pre-sales discovery that forms the foundation for a solution design and price quote. It relies on self-service forms and phone or e-mail questioning.


SpotLITE II is a more detailed examination of your current infrastructure, using automated reports and in-depth software probing to provide more visibility into performance, potential bottlenecks, compatibility, and forecasting.


SpotLITE III is a paid engagement which comprehensively evaluates customer infrastructure with hands-on engineering expertise, building a complete report of observations, recommendations, benchmarks, and technical documentation reviews.

What makes SpotLITE a better discovery process?

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