Video Transcription

Mick Simon, HCMS Group

HCMS stands for Human Capital Management Services and it works for self insured employers with large health plans to help them reduce cost and protect the health of their workers. The two sides of our business are the data analytics side and the clinical services side.

Given the unique exposure we have and scrutiny we are under from very large organizations who regularly audit what we do and examine our operations, we wanted to go to a more robust commercial data center. The need for physical security, more redundancy, and certain critical infrastructure elements (power, internet services, backup systems) we began to consider using a commercial data center and we were fortunate to find Green House Data.

One of the things that is unique about what we are doing is, we are hosting a very complex analytic reporting platform for our large clients and so we host the delivery of risk information that providers all over the country at the point of care can pull up through their EMRs, and all that is done through the Green House data center.

“The Green House Data engineering team was phenomenal to work with.”

We had some very significant design challenges with the transition from a multi site location and an owned data center to a commercial data center. The Green House Data engineering team was phenomenal to work with. There were really two things we had to have with standard offerings. One of them was the specific approach to individual rack security and the other were some human resources related things around background checks and such. We had to have them, and Green House Data was more than willing to accommodate our need in those areas as well, which that made the decision easy.

We had several steps to our move that were complicated that involved coordinating with outside entities such as CenturyLink that were challenging to say the least, and with Green House Data it felt like we had a solid teammate that had our back at every step of the way.

Anyone needing HIPAA compliant data center services would be well advised to check out what we Green House Data can do for them. Their standard out-of-the-box offering is HIPAA compliant. We were more than pleasantly surprised with the extent to which the entire team at Green House Data was willing to listen to our needs and develop additional service offerings, along with policy and procedures to meet our needs. They went beyond in order to do that, and they have exceeded our expectations in both the timing and the execution of that move.

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