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Brien Sonzogni, HIVIZ Shooting Systems

We fabricate the most innovative, highly patented carbon-steel quality fiberoptics within the market, both in shotgun- and handgun-related. We host shooting champions such as Harlan Campbell with the shotgun and Jerry Miculek with the handgun.

In our industry, there's no time for downtime. Downtime really, truly does cost money, so as IT Director, it's my responsibility to maintain both the environment for engineering department, the marketing department, as well as production and assembly, but also integrate the phone system within our entire IP network and guarantee that there's no hiccups within our system, there's no downtime, but primarily also that we have redundant Internet lines to guarantee connectivity.

We had inadequate service and we needed to keep up with times, and so the biggest being upgrading and migrating our entire system to a fully virtual environmental IP platform, and the key to us, especially with utilizing Green House Data, was to utilize the synonymous communication between all three departments with seamless integration as though we were in one facility. And where Green House really displayed for us was an opportunity to branch out and almost a smoother transition than I expected primarily because they were there when we needed them and that fraternal aspect that we have within our industry was also attained with them.

The key thing that we needed, especially within our system, that we wanted to be an IP phone-based establishment. We needed easy, seamless transition when we add new employees, add new departments, and from going from the standard phone line to an IP phone system allowed that transition. Over the next one to three years, we expect at least a guaranteed 30% growth within employment with HiViz with assistance and Green House Data. It's going to make it a lot easier for us to not only add the employees, but integrate them in within our virtual network.


“The customer support at Green House Data has been phenomenal.”


The sales process was very comfortable, it was very smooth and effortless on our part. It's been incredibly reasonable at their fees—rates—based on their experience as well as the assistance that we get from them. The customer support at Green House Data has been phenomenal. We have a lot of the individual guys who have really stepped up to the plate, but whenever there ever was a downtime primarily due to internal errors, it was a very prompt response time, but most importantly, there was a follow-up as to what it was, how to prevent it, and how to maintain it in the near future.

It would be a no-brainer for me, especially for a manufacturer, in terms of ease of use, whether you are skilled within the IT profession or a novice completely. It would be a smooth transition and I would say, honestly, the brand will speak for itself.

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